Hydepakki is a name for a combination of two outdoor clubs, Hyde and Teepakki. Thus itself, it is not an official organization, but it consists of two organizations that work closely together. Both Hyde and Teepakki have their own administration but all the events are common.

If you want to join organizing events or participate in meetings, don’t hesitate to contact the boards:

Our action plans, decisions and minutes of meetings are published in our Google Drive folder.


Hyde (Helsingin yliopiston partiolaiset ry) is an organization originating from University of Helsinki. Hyde arranges nice outdoor activity such as hiking, trekking and other fun sports. Hyde was founded in 1989.

Hyde’s board members of 2024

Chair: Pihla Toivanen
Vice-chair: Marlon Tobaben
Secretary: Katariina Mölsä
Treasurer: Rebecca Overmyer
Storage manager: Senni Pihlman
Social media manager: Bella O’Meeghan, Tomoka Osaki
International student manager: Marlon Tobaben
Environmental and equality manager: Senni Pihlman
Harassment contact person: Rebecca Overmyer, Edoardo Scalera

Hyde’s rules (in Finnish)
Environmental and equality plan
Principles of safer space
Email of Hyde’s board:
Harassment report form


Polyteknikkojen partioklubi Teepakki ry is a hiking and outdoor association for the students of Aalto University. Teepakki was founded on 30.3.1965 as a scouting association under the Student Union of the Helsinki University of Technology.

Teepakki’s board 2024

Chair: Iida-Liisa Kuokka
Vice-chair: Benjamin Kyngäs
Secretary: Venla Vendelin
Treasurer: Sini Janhunen
Storage manager: Elias Ylä-Jarkko, Aini Hartikka
Social media manager: Pooya Saremi
Communications manager: Saurabh Fadnis
Graphics and overall patches: Pooya Saremi, Jalmari Pitkänen
Harrasment contact person, environmental and equality manager: Iida-Liisa Kuokka, Benjamin Kyngäs
Webmaster: Elias Ylä-Jarkko
Scout scarf manager: Aini Hartikka, (Jalmari Pitkänen)
Data protection officer: Saurabh Fadnis

Teepakki’s rules (in Finnish)
Principles of safer space
Teepakki board’s email: