We are a group of students from Aalto University and University of Helsinki interested in hiking, spending time outdoors, miscellaneous social activities and improvised adventures. We organize awesome activities near and far: hiking, canoeing, cottage trips, board game events, orienteering (getting lost), general hustle and bustle, and anything you can do outside. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of past hiking or scouting experience or student status. We are united by interest towards fun activities and experiencing nature.

What do we do?

Here are a few examples of what Hydepakki has organizer previously. Future events might be similar or something totally different. Join us in organizing to influence the future!


  • To Lapland and further
  • Weekend hikes in southern Finland
  • Day trips in Nuuksio and Sipoonkorpi national parks

Cottage trips

  • Week-long cottage trips to northern Finland
  • Active's cottage weekends
  • Scout skills and orienteering

Sports and activities

  • Sauna evenings
  • Sport events
  • Board game evenings


Hydepakki is a name for a combination of two outdoor clubs, Hyde and Teepakki. Thus itself, it is not an official organization, but it consists of two organizations that work closely together. Both Hyde and Teepakki have their own administration but all the events are common. This way, we provide a broader range of events and possibilities to meet people in and outside your own university.

Follow us

We are active in many places, which is why you should follow our info channels. You can join our mailing list, group chats or just follow in social media.