Gear rentals

Teepakki rents gear for hiking and backpacking. The gear is meant for members of Teepakki and  Helsingin yliopiston partiolaiset (HYDE) to be used in hiking and backpacking, and they are rented at an affordable rate. Rentals are free of charge when they are used in Teepakki events or joint events with HYDE. During large events of Teepakki and  HYDE, such as Pääsiäisvaellus or Juhannusmelonta, participants of the events are prioritized in rentals.


You should contact the Storage Manager of Teepakki (email: storage[at] in matters regarding equipment and rentals. Rental fees must be payed to Teepakki bank account (Ålandsbanken-Tapiola FI31 6601 0003 2436 64). Payment message should be a list of rented equipment and rental dates. For example: “Tent, sleeping pad and Trangia 23.-25.6.”. Payment receipt is checked when picking up the gear.

Rented gear and equipment must be returned clean and dry. Follow the care instructions provided by the Storage Manager. Read the rental terms and conditions from below.

Rental prices of Teepakki in euros:

Product 0–6 days 7–14 days
Tent 20 25
Tarp 10 15
Backpack 10 15
Sleeping bag 10 15
Sleeping pad 5 7
Snow shoes 10 15
Backcountry skis (forest) 10 15
Skiing poles 5 7
Trangia (+5€/230g gas*) 7 10
Igloo mold 10 15
Axe 5 7
Snow shovel 5 7

*230g of gas lasts around 3 days

  • Jack Wolfskin Tundra III RT tent
    • Roomy tent for  three people
    • Weight 4,6 kg
  • Bergans Trysil 4086 tent
    • Lightweight tent for three people
    • Weight 3,5 kg
  • Fjällräven Akka tent
    • Lightweight tent for three people
    • Weight 3,4kg
  • Halti Soul Summer Dome tent
    • Large dome tent for four persons
    • Weight 3,2 kg
  • DD Hammocks Tarp 3×3
    • Weight 997 g
    • Includes four attachment ropes and pegs for securing

All sleeping bags include a liner

  • Carinthia Defence 4
    • Max. length 185 cm
    • Temperature rating: comfort -8.8 °C, limit -15 °C, extreme -35 °C (EN 13537-standard)
    • Weight: 1.85 kg
  • Haglöfs Znooz 3500
    • Max. length 175 cm
    • Temperature rating: comfort -7 °C, limit -14 °C, extreme -34 °C (EN 13537-standard)
    • Weight: 2,2 kg
  • The North Face Aleutian
    • Max length 185 cm
    • Temperature rating: comfort -1 °C, limit -7 °C, extreme -24 °C (EN 13537-standard)
    • Weight 1,7 kg
  • Frilufts  BAK (M, L and XL)
    • Max length 175 cm (M) or 205 cm (XL)
    • Temperature rating: comfort -4 °C, limit -11 °C, extreme -30 °C (EN 13537-standard)
    • Weight 2kg
  • Trangias
    • 3 kpl Trangia 25-3 (1,5 ja 1,75 pots and teflon frying pan)
    • Trangia 25-1 (1,5 ja 1,75 pots, tea pot and teflon frying pan)
    • Trangia 27-3 (2 kpl 1 litran pots ja teflon frying pan)
  • Fiskars Handy 1000 axe
    • Weight 1 kg
  • Fiskars Travel shovel (4kpl)
    • material: aluminum/plastic
    • Weight 0,5 kg
Maintenance instructions


    • Clean the inside of any grass or other dirt
    • Dry the tent by hanging it indoors for 24h

Sleeping bag:

    • Dry the sleeping bag by hanging it indoors at least overnight
    • Wash the sleeping bag liner if you used one


    • Wash all parts of the cooker except the burner. Use detergent and warm water
    • Let all parts dry at least overnight

Rental terms and conditions

Target group
– All equipment (gear) is meant only for members of Polyteknikkojen Partioklubi Teepakki and Helsingin yliopiston partiolaiset (HYDE).

Usage and care
– The lease holder is responsible for making sure that the rented equipment is used in a proper way and all usage instructions are followed. The equipment must be serviced according to the care taking rules provided by the storage manager.

Returning the equipment
– All rented equipment must be returned at the agreed return time, taking in to account the necessary maintenance e.q. drying a sleeping bag or washing a camping stove

– The lease holder is responsible for the rented equipment during the duration of the rental. Responsibility ends when the storage manager accepts the equipment back and checks that maintenance instructions have been followed.

Liability in cases of misuse or loss of equipment
– If the lease holder does not follow these rules, usage instructions, maintenance instructions or other given instructions or obligations, the lease holder can be banned from renting equipment.
– If the rented equipment is broken due to misuse or negligence, the lease holder must repair it on their own expense in an way accepted by the board of Teepakki.
– Íf the rented equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, must the lease holder replace the item with a similar one according to instructions given by the board of Teepakki.

Equipment sponsored by TTER

In 2023, Teepakki bought new equipment that were funded by the TTE Fund (TTER).

TTE Fund (TTER) is a fund established in 2006 that supports projects, events, acquisitions and other operations of Aalto University students and associations and communities operating in connection with AYY. The goal of TTE Fund is to support and stimulate student activities in the Aalto community in all their forms.