Autumn Hike 2024

Hydepakki’s and SOOPA’s Autumn Hike 2024

Hydepakki and SOOPA warmly welcome you to the traditional autumn hike, this year exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Kilpisjärvi or Norway's Øvre Dividal National Park from 24.8.-31.8.2024! This adventurous week offers the opportunity to explore the diverse northern landscapes, from mountains and forests to flowing rivers. After the hike, all participants will gather for a relaxing sauna and enjoy a meal together. Joining the hike is a great opportunity to meet new people, learn more about hiking, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the northern nature.

During the hike, groups of typically 4-7 people will hike through the wilderness, spend nights outdoors and soak in the scenery. Groups will be divided by the organisers well before the hike, allowing everyone time to get to know each other and discuss practicalities before the journey begins. The organisers will ensure that each group has sufficient navigation and hiking experience. Groups will plan their own routes and culinary delights for the duration of the hike.

⭐️ Destination Highlights

Käsivarsi Wilderness Area

Located north of Kilpisjärvi, the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area represents some of Finland's most rugged wilderness, with challenging terrain in places. The area is suitable for beginners and leisurely hikers, with many wilderness- and reservation huts within short day-trip distances, as well as popular trails due to a long hiking tradition! The most famous hiking route in the area is the Kalottireitti, which leads from Kilpisjärvi northward and culminates at Halti, 1324 metres high on the Finnish side. The Kalottireitti can also be hiked towards Sweden, for example to Barras fell.

Read more about the area:

Øvre Dividal National Park, Norway:

Although Øvre Dividal National Park in Norway is located just beyond the Finnish border, it is often unknown to Finnish hikers. The grass is greener on the other side of the border; thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream, nature's growth is vigorous, and Øvre Dividal is a lush valley of pine and birch, offering intriguing discoveries especially for nature enthusiasts. The area has a strong Sámi culture. The national park has a few huts, some of which may be reservation huts in the Norwegian tradition. It is also possible to hike from Kilpisjärvi to Dividal, covering about 90-120 km. Along the way, there are several magnificent peaks offering views towards Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The hike can be done by following the Kalottireitti to Kilpisjärvi.

Read more about the area:

Groups can choose their starting point from anywhere along the bus route, as long as the route ends between Øvre Dividal and Kilpisjärvi, as the meal and sauna will be in Kilpisjärvi.

🥗 After-hike Sauna and Meal 🥗

At the end of the hike, all participants will have the opportunity to freshen up and relax in the warmth of the sauna at Hotel Tundra in Kilpisjärvi, followed by a communal meal at the hotel's buffet. This allows new memories and skills to be shared between groups and new hikes to be planned among new friends!

🚌 Travelling 🚌

We will travel to Lapland by chartered bus. The bus departs from Kemi on Saturday, August 24th at 8:30 am. Travel to Kemi is at your own expense, for example by train, bus, or group drive. The night train from the south arrives in Kemi at 7:52 am. The hiking bus will wait for people from the train.

Return from the hike to Kemi is on Saturday, August 31st by 10:00 pm at the latest. The return journey to Oulu, Helsinki or wherever you are heading to, is at your own expense (for example, night trains to Helsinki depart at 10:28 pm and 10:50 pm).

🧰 Equipment 🧰

Please carefully review the equipment list:
Hydepakki's equipment list for the autumn hike

Hydepakki and SOOPA can lend or rent equipment for the hike. Information about equipment can be found on the associations' websites (, In case you need something, please contact the equipment managers as soon as possible.

Hydepakki's equipment manager:
SOOPA's equipment manager:

Also, check with local gear rental shops, which may lend equipment cheaply or even for free.

📝 Registration and Price 📝

You can register for the hike until 1.7.2024, after which it becomes binding and cancellation is no longer possible. Register via the following link: There are limited spots available for the hike.

The hike costs 105 €, which includes bus transportation from Kemi to the hiking destination and back, maps of the hiking area, tents if needed, and the final sauna and meal. Payment deadline is 1.7.2024.

You also have to be a member of either SOOPA, Teepakki or Hyde. You will find instructions on how to pay the membership fee on the websites of the organisations.

Payment details:

Account name: “Polyteknikkojen partioklubi Teepakki ry”
Account number: FI31 6601 0003 2436 64 (BIC AABAFI22)
Message: “Syysvaellus 2024 + oma nimi”
Paymend deadline: 1.7.2024
Amount: 105€

📋 Cancellations 📋

Participate in the hike only if you are healthy. If you need to cancel your trip due to illness, the participation fee can be refunded. The board will handle all cancellation cases.

If the number of participants is too small, the hike may be cancelled, and fees refunded to registered participants. However, based on recent years, this is very unlikely. Hydepakki and SOOPA ry are not legal travel organisers and are not responsible for the events of the hike or any accidents. Personal travel insurance is strongly recommended.

Further Questions?

For equipment matters, Benjamin can provide guidance (WhatsApp: +358 40 1366050).

For other questions related to the hike, contact Iida-Liisa (WhatsApp: +358 45 268 9950, Telegram: @iituliitu, email:

Welcome to join the autumn hike!

The Organizer Team⛰️🌲


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