Mailing list

Hyde and Teepakki have a common mailing list where we inform about all our upcoming events.

You can join the mailing list here: (Fill in your e-mail address in Subscribing to Teepakki-jas and press Subscribe. Other information such as password is not needed.)

After this you will receive an automatic confirm e-mail with a title “confirm <some text>”. Press the link on the e-mail to confirm joining the mailing list. Notice that for example Gmail routes this e-mail to the “Promotions” folder and some services might even route it to a spam folder.

After opening the link, opens a page with a button “Subscribe to list Teepakki-jas”. Again, no other information than an e-mail is needed — just press the button and you are on the mailing list!



Confirmation (opens on a link to email):