Lapland Hike 2023

It’s time to sign up for the Hydepakki Lapland hike 26.8.-3.9.2023! We will head to the Kaldoaivi wilderness and the Varanger Peninsula on the Norwegian side, where we will hike in small groups.

The organizers will form groups in advance of the hike based on previous hiking experience and daily trip distance wishes, and each group plans its own food and hiking routes. Before the hike, we will have a meeting where groups can ask anything related to the hike and present their route plans. There are very few trails in Kaldoaivi and Varanger, so we will hike with the help of a map. The organizers ensure that each group has enough orienteering experience.

We travel to the hike on a charter bus that leaves Oulu at 6 am on Saturday, August 26th. Participants arrive independently and at their own expense in Oulu, but in the hike’s WhatsApp group, for example, you can arrange to buy shared night train cabins (the link to the group is in the registration form). The return bus leaves the Varanger peninsula on Saturday morning on September 2nd, and we will spend the day in Kenestupa sauna. In the evening we’ll continue our bus trip to Oulu, where we’ll arrive in Sunday morning on September 3rd.

Those who come from and arrive back to southern Finland. You will make it to the bus when you take the night train on 25th which arrives before 6 am on Saturday. We’ll get back to Oulu on September 3rd at about 6 am, so you will make it to the trains leaving after this.

If you need to borrow personal equipment for the hike (such as a sleeping bag or mat), please contact Teepakki’s storage managers ( Group-specific equipment, such as tents and camping stoves, will be arranged closer to the hike when the hike groups have been formed.

Packing list of the hike:

The estimated cost of the hike is a little bit over hundred euros, including bus transportation and sauna during the return trip. In addition, either Teepakki’s, Hyde’s or Soopa’s membership must be paid before the hike. The exact price of the hike will be told when we’ll know the number of participants.

There will be a place for first 50 registrants, and registration is open until July 26th, or until there are no places left. You can register here. Registration is binding after the registration has closed, but in case of illness, the fee will be refunded if you have a certificate from a doctor.

For questions about the hike, please contact or

Welcome to spend an unforgettable week in the autumn wilderness!
Hiking greetings,
Hydepakki Lapland Hike organizers