Event calendar


This calendar will be filled when planning goes forward. You can find Hydepakki’s Google calendar from this link. Add the caledar to your phone and you’ll be efficiently informed about our events.

More information of the events will be sent to the mailinglist and published on our Facebookpage.


15.1. Teepakki’s checkpoint at Talvipäivä
6.2. Let’s start the spring -event
7.2. Planning meeting
9.-10.2. Iglu building and sleeping in the iglu
15.-17.2. Cottage trip
24.2. Winter adventure
2.-3.3. Winter hike (one night)
20.3. Pre-xmas party and Teepakki’s annual meeting
22.-24.3 WInter hike (two nights)
30.3. Teepakki’s birthday
12.-14.4. Training hike
26.-28.4. Cottage trip

Old event calendars can be found (in Finnish) at Hyden vanhoilta sivuilta.

Having a great idea about an event? Contact the board hyde-hallitus (ät) helsinki.fi or teepakki-hallitus (ät) list.ayy.fi, and we’ll help you organize and get participants there!